Roberto R. 'Beto' Alonzo for Texas Railroad Commissioner


Regulating Pipelines


The primary reason for regulating pipelines is public safety.  It is essential that the Texas RRC be both funded and given the freedom and authority to oversee and enforce all State and Federal laws and regulations for the pipelines which fall under its purview. While industry may desire to see safety restrictions eased as a means of maximizing revenue, the pipeline operators can not be allowed to compromise public safety for the sake of corporate profits.


Balancing Industry Interests with Protection of Natural Resources

Too  Much TrafficAgain, the primary job of the Texas RRC is helping to ensure public safety and this includes protecting the water we drink and the air we breathe. Oil, gas, and mining interest cannot be allowed to poison the citizens of Texas, and that includes by acts of negligence or profiteering. Texas is big enough to allow industry to thrive without willfully polluting our great state.



The Texas RRC can do much more for Texas communities in ways that deal productively with the competing interests of industry.  Gaining much needed jobs in a local economy cannot be overshadowed by the need to protect the health and welfare of citizens.  As a specific area of interest, the exploitation of natural gas in the Permian Basin cannot continue to be allowed to vent natural gas and methane without effective monitoring, and the vulnerable aquifer needs to be protected from the very real hazard presented by fracking.